TwoPlus Trial

Comparative Effectiveness of an Individualized Model of Hemodialysis versus Conventional Hemodialysis


Kidney disease is one of the fastest-growing medical conditions, the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.

Traditional hemodialysis was based on research in patients with no residual kidney function, even though almost 1 in 4 patients still have residual kidney function when they start hemodialysis treatments.

Studies have found that an incremental treatment plan for hemodialysis (two hemodialysis sessions per week and then three hemodialysis sessions per week) is both safe and effective for patients who have residual kidney function—but not for those who do not have appreciable residual kidney function.  This study takes an unbiased approach to rigorously compare the effectiveness of personalized, incremental hemodialysis and traditional hemodialysis. This study will help patients, care partners and providers make better decisions about what treatment plan is best for each individual.

Study Diagram:


VIDEO: An Overview of the TwoPlus Study